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A Mom's Dedication
To Her Child:
Zoltan Zsigmond
Moritz Kiss
                                         In Loving Memory To My Son:
                                      Zoltan Zsigmond 'Zeus' Moritz Kiss
                          June 11, 1977 - 1:27p.m. - Sept. 28, 2001 - 3:15a.m.
                             Who Was Assassinated In Bridgeport, CT.U.S.A.
I Loved You
  With All My Heart
You Were Everything To Me,
To Your Grandparents
My Beautiful Son
My Pride and Joy
  Nothing and No One
    Will Ever Hurt You
      Forever and Ever
   I Love You and I Miss You
         So Very, Very Much.
        You Will Be With Me
                 ' Always'