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                         Unsolved homicide
                             not just a number
                             for grieving mother
Sunday, January 6, 2002
By KATE RAMUNNI                                                    Unsolved cases
                                                                                         Of Bridgeport's 17 homicides
BRIDGEPORT - While city                                          during 2001, nine are unsolved,
officials are pleased the num-                                         with no suspects identified or
ber of homicides has been cut,                                        arrested. These murder cases are:
one woman is struggling to                                         
come to terms with her son's                                 *
      Nawzad Mikael, 28, of Grovers
unsolved murder.                                                            Street in Ansonia, an employee
     Zoltan "Zeus" Kiss was Eva                                      of Barnum News & Variety on
Kiss' only son, and since he                                           Main Street, who was shot to
was murdered                                                                 death behind the counter of the
last Sept. 28,                                                                  North End business Jan. 27.
Kiss said her                                                          *       Jorge Ortiz, 29, of Connecticut
life has been                                                                    Avenue, died from multiple
hell.                                                                                 gunshot wounds he suffered at a
     "It is just                                                                     North Washington Avenue social
killing me in-                                                                   club March 11.
side," she said.                                                      *        James Ware, 35, of Mountain
"Every day it                                                                  Drive in Shelton, killed July 8 by
just doesn't get                                                                a gunshot during a robbery on
any easier."                                                                     Vernon Street, on the East Side.
    Police said                                                          *         Tymon O. Sistrunk, 21, of
Zoltan was shot at least 15                                             Anthony Street, killed July 18 by
times on Pembroke Street                                               gunfire while changing a tire on
about 3:15a.m. The 24-year-old,                                    his car on Beardsley Street, in
who worked as a chimney                                              the East End.
sweep and painter, had no crim-                          *          Luis Tejeda, 40, of the Bronx,    
inal record, police said, and no                                        N.Y., shot to death July 27 in his
drugs were found in his car.                                            car on Jefferson Street, in the
    Eva Kiss lives in Canada and                                       East End.
is divorced from the victim's fa-                           *         Eduardio Palacio (aka Wilson
ther. The family lived in                                                 Rivas), age undetermined, of
Bridgeport from 1984 to 1989,                                      New York City, found dead from
she said. "We got fed up with                                        a gunshot to the neck in the
what was going on in Bridge-                                         basement of an abandoned
port and moved to Toronto,"                                         Ogden Street house on Aug. 8.
she said. "And then 12 years lat-                         *         Zoltan "Zeus" Kiss, 24, of Alice
er he is killed in Bridgeport -                                          Street, shot numerous times
one street over from where we                                       Sept. 28 on Pembroke Street.
lived."                                                                   *         Maria Martorony, 35, address
    After the couple divorced                                           unknown, killed Nov. 2 by
seven years ago, Zoltan and his                                     multiple gunshots at East Main
father moved back to Bridge-                                         and Steuben streets on the East
port. Eva said her ex-husband                                        Side.
took the boy without her per-                             *        Fabian Boston, 17, of
mission, and while she had not                                      Ridgefield Avenue, a passenger
seen him over that time, she                                          in a car, who died from wounds
said she maintained close con-                                       Dec. 12 after the car was struck
tact with her son.                                                           by gunfire on Carroll Avenue.
     Kiss didn't see Zoltan again
until after an autopsy was per-                                      Anyone with information about
formed on his body. "They cut a                                   these cases is asked to call the
hole in [the body bag] so I could                                   Bridgeport Police Department's
hold his hand," she said.                                                Detective Bureau at 576-7624.
"There was no trauma to his                                         Calls will be kept confidential.
face - his eyes were almost                                         
closed and he looked like he
was sleeping."
     After her son was cremated,                                     continuing to investigate.
Eva took the ashes home with                                           Eva Kiss is determined that
her. She keeps them with her                                        her son's killers be found. She
all the time, she said, and also                                       has contacted both the mayor
has created a Web site in mem-                                     and the governor to inquire
ory of her son - http://www.geoci-                                        about a reward, but hasn't got-
ties.com/murderinconnecticut                                       ten any answers.
/index.html                                                                       "If I have to sell my house to
     "The police only give me bits                                    get reward money, I will," she
and pieces of information," she                                     said. "Maybe hypothetically I
said. She said her son might                                          think finding them will bring

have been killed because of a                                        my son back, but I just have to
dispute, but no suspects have                                      do it."
been identified and police are                                      
                                                                                        Anyone with information about
                                                                                        the homicide of Zoltan Kiss is
                                                                                        asked to call the Detective
                                                                                        Bureau at 576-7624. Calls will be
                                                                                        kept confidential.