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In Memory and Dedication
To My Child - Zolika
Page #3
                                          In Memory To My Son:
                                   Zoltan Zsigmond 'Zeus' Moritz Kiss
                    June 11, 1977 1:27p.m. - September 28, 2001 3:15a.m.
Forever - In My Heart
Forever - Always
Forever - Butterfly
Forever In Our Hearts And Soul.
Forever - Butterfly
Forever and Always:
You Will Remain in Our
Knowing That You Were A Part Of me,
Made Everything Seem Possible
Everything Seem Right
My Beautiful Angel
Our Beautiful Angel
In Memory To My Son:
You Are Missed So Very Much,
Each And Every Day
Forever In Our Hearts And Soul: Always -
Mom (Anyu), Mama And Papa Moritz, Susan, Frank, and Szilvia.
My Beautiful Child
My Young Man
                Forever And Always
             I And Your Grandparents
             Will Always Be with You
        We Will Not Rest
  Until The Animals That
          Murdered You
            Are Caught!
  Awarded to me, by my 'Special' friends,
             at 'Always Our Children'.    
                      January 2002
Awarded to me, by a 'special' Princess.
                      February 2002